Accomplished Projects

Height study of buildings around airports


Height study for the implementation of buildings around the airports with the Consulting to follow the opinion of the Air Force Command.

Estudo de altura de edificações no entorno de aeroportos.

Height study of buildings around airports.

Height Study for the Costa Vitória Building Project near Recife / Guararapes International Airport (PE) – Gilberto Freyre.

OPEA – Objeto Projetado no Espaço Aéreo

OPEA – Projected Object in Airspace

Favorable Opinion of Aeronautics – Development in São Paulo (SP) – Popular Shopping Center next to Campo de Mars Airport.

OPEA Anglo Engenharia

OPEA Anglo Engineering

Favorable Opinion in Aeronautics at the time of new building in Bairro: Cidade Nova in Belo Horizonte (MG), around Pampulha Airport

SPL – Barreiro

SPL – Barreiro

Project approved by the Aeronautics in the height evaluation for building in Barreiro neighborhood in Belo Horizonte (MG), around Pampulha Airport

OPEA Trevo Direcional

OPEA Direcional Trevo

Made possible in the Aeronautics the heights for several new large building developments in Bairro Trevo in Belo Horizonte (MG) around the Pampulha Airport (MG)

OPEA Pillar Jose Julio Street

With a precision study, it was possible to enable the height evaluation at the Air Force for a new building at José Júlio Street in Belo Horizonte around Pampulha Airport.

OPEA Intacta

Intacta OPEA

In the surroundings of Pampulha Airport in Belo Horizonte (MG) in Bairro União, another venture made possible by the height study at Aeronautics

OPEA Canoas (RS)

In the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RS), in the city of Canoas, height feasibility study for buildings around Canoas Airport (RS).

Height Study for Condominium Horto Bela Vista, JHSF, Salvador / BA

A mini-city: 19 residential towers, 3 business, hotel, shopping, convention center, club, schools, lots of green and leisure area. Buildings with 43 floors. All in the area of ​​influence of the airport, 17 km away. Nothing that a good project does not make possible.

Estudo de altura para edificações no entorno de aeroportos

Height study for buildings around airports

The airport air traffic protection plan extends beyond the approach and takeoff surface. Any construction near airports must be approved by the Air Force Command.

Height Feasibility Study for Building Design

“Height Feasibility Study for Building Design, with the appropriate specification for the signage project, for New Buildings in the surroundings of Manaus International Airport, preserving flight safety”