HGordilho Projeto e Consultoria

Our company

Brief history

HGordilho Projeto e Consultoria was created to meet market needs as a leading company in the development of design solutions, training and strategic studies in the areas of architecture and urban planning, engineering and management with an emphasis on aviation. 

“We are focused on quality, commitment, creativity, agility, guidance, ethics, differentiated costs and sustainability.”

Posted as entry: Master Thesis with the title: New Scenarios of Brazilian Aviation – TAM Airlines, privileging Leadership, Quality of Service, Marketing and Organizational Culture in 1996 by the School of Administration of UFBA – Federal University of Bahia.

Editorial team as Bahia State Government Director Technical: PeltBahia – Bahia State Transport Logistics Program in 2005.

Places where the company worked on projects:


Develop design solutions, training and strategic studies in the fields of architecture and urban planning, engineering and management, with an emphasis on Aviation Area with quality, Commitment, creativity, agility, orientation, ethics, different costs and sustainability, providing for HGordilho Projeto e Consultoria be considered by customers as reference solutions on the market and consequently contribute to the betterment of society.


To be a reference company in the market in projects, capacity building, strategic studies in the fields of architecture and urban planning, engineering and management, with an emphasis on Aviation Area, to meet the demands of customers, seeking new markets and taking part for the betterment of society.


Values / Principles

True – Safety – Quality – Creativity – Agility – Commitment – Partnership – Responsibility – Ethics – Sustainability

Team publication, as a collaborator of the Aeronautical Law Commission of OAB – MG (Bar Association of the State of Minas Gerais), the Book: Aeronautical Law in September 2018.

In October 2018, the company changes its Brand from “HG Projetos e Consultoria” to “HGordilho Projeto e Consultoria”.

The company has its partners, who are from the technical team:

– Architect and Urban Planner, Airplane and Helicopter Pilot, Business Administrator, Master in Administration, Airport Planning Course at IAC – Civil Aviation Institute, Flight Safety Accredited Element Course at Aeronautics/Cenipa and Specialization in Aviation Safety in Japan by JICA – Japan International Corporation Agency: Hilton Gordilho Teixeira de Freitas.


  • Civil Engineer and Surveyor Lucas Lopes Leal;
  • Architect and Urban Planner and Postgraduate in Project Management Fabiana Eliza da Silva;
  • Civil Engineer and Master in Administration Osvaldo Campos Magalhães.


Technical visits to important national and international technological centers:

  1. Embraer / ITA and CTA in São José dos Campos (SP) – 2011;
  2. France (Logistics Platform of Paris, Rungis, Lyion, etc.) – May 2005;
  3. España (Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza Logistics Platform) – April 2006;
  4. Netherlands (Maritime Terminal and Puerto de Cruceros) – April 2006;
  5. England (Taller on the implementation of the first projects of APP – Public-Private Association in Europe) – May 2005;
  6. Germany (LLT Research and Training Center – Lufthansa Technical Training) – June 2011;
  7. France (Airbus Industry y Eurocopter) – September 2011;
  8. United States (NASA, Cape Cañaveral, Houston, Research Center, Production Line, Coaling and Entertainment Areas) – July 2011 and April 2012;
  9. Japan, China, Australia, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Rusia, Norway, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, etc.
  10. (Transport Infrastructure) in the last 15 years.